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We offer classes for groups of up to five people, and specialty sculptures for any price range. Our operation area is the entire panhandle of Florida, from Panama City Beach to Pensacola! 

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Our Options

We offer a wide range of options offering classes for groups of up to five people, and specialty sculptures at nearly any price range. We operate in the area of the panhandle of Florida, from Panama City Beach to Pensacola!

Our classes come directly to where you are staying if you’re on the beach, or the closest public beach access if you don’t have beachfront property access. We will bring all the equipment necessary to teach you and every member in your family how to build a 3 to 4 ft tall sand castle. We will teach you how to use basic sand sculpting tools and then turn you loose on the towers to carve however you see fit!!

Option 1:
One hour class

Learn the basics and more!  This is a one hour long class, for up to five people, for $120. Recommend ages 7 and up!

Option 2:
Two hour class

Get ready for tons of fun!  This is a two hour class, for up to five people, for $200. Recommend ages 7 and up.

Option 3:
Create a Castle

Our newest offering!  Walk away with the 2020 Toy Of The Year and the knowledge of each part!  Recommend ages 7 and up.  Visit createacastle 
for more details and scheduling!


Option 4:
6 foot tall castle

Guaranteed fun! Build a six-foot-tall Sandcastle in over two hours, with up to 5 people for $300. Recommend ages 9 and up.

Option 5:
Custom sculptures

We build it and you watch us make a sculpture!  Have one made for pics, or any special occasion like Anniversaries, weddings, birthday, corporate logos, or a castle!

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Dan Anderson of Dan Castles (AKA Dan In The Sand) is super passionate about his talent for building sand castles and loves spreading the joy of the art with others.  Whether it’s teaching you the basics like water to sand ratios or doing more advanced tricks like archways or waterfalls out of sand, he will always make you laugh in the process.  With more than 12 years experience of creating works of art in the sand, he’s always able to make learning the art of sand castle building fun!  Not only is Dan a veteran of traditional sand sculpting, but he  is also a certified sand ambassador of Create A Castle, the 2020 outdoor toy of the year and offers lessons using their molds.  With many options to choose from, you are destned to have fun and make memories in the process!